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LucidSound’s New Gaming Headphones Are Completely Hands Free

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  • Posted on 17th Aug, 2022 22:51 PM

LucidSound just revealed the LS100X gaming headphones, designed for Xbox and PC players.

Gaming headphones have grown from a niche industry to something more, thanks to added features and specifications that truly improve the whole experience. 

LucidSound has been at the forefront of this charge for years, and they just announced another pair of headphones for their ever-increasing stable. The LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset is designed for Xbox Series X|S and PC players but integrates nicely with mobile devices and other gaming consoles. 


What's the feature set? The LS100X includes an advanced battery that lasts up to 130 hours with a Bluetooth connection and up to 72 hours when used with a wireless USB adapter. Most gaming headsets last 30 to 40 hours per charge, so this is pretty big news for marathon or competitive gamers.  

These headphones also include a dedicated game mode that provides low latency and reduced interference, even in crowded environments with abundant competing wireless signals. Switching between modes and connection types (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) is achieved just by pushing a button on the side.

Speaking of buttons on the side, each ear cup plays host to various audio controls, allowing users to adjust settings on the fly. There's also a dual-mic system, complete with mic monitoring, for offering encouragement, or friendly trash-talking, mid-game. 


These microphones support voice controls, too, so you can operate the various parameters with voice prompts instead of fiddling with the ear cups in the middle of an intense battle. As for sound, there are multiple EQ modes, and Xbox and PC gamers can access Windows Sonic for spatial audio. 

The LS100X is fairly budget-friendly, at $100, and is available now via LucidSound

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