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How to Unlike Something on Facebook

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  • Posted on 23rd Jul, 2022 01:21 AM

Manage your like and unlikes on Facebook proactively. Here's how to unlike something you liked on Facebook.

What to Know

  • Tap or click the blue icon on any liked post, comment, or Facebook page.
  • Via Activity Log: Accounts > Settings & privacy > Activity Log > Interactions > Likes and reactions > Unlike.

This article shows you how to unlike something on Facebook. Because Facebook's algorithm uses your likes to shape the newsfeed, accidental likes can influence unwanted content, so it's important (and easy) to reverse your likes by "unliking" a post, a comment, or a page.

How Do You Unlike an Accidental Like on Facebook?

There are two routes you can use to unlike an accidental like on Facebook. The direct method is to select the blue Like icon again to undo the like. It will turn grey from the previous blue. The second method uses the Activity Log.

How to Unlike on the Facebook Feed

You can unlike your previous likes instantly or later. It's always better to do it as early as possible on some posts to avoid irrelevant ads and content.

  1. Go to the post, comment, or Facebook page you had previously liked.

  2. Select the blue Like thumbs up icon.

  3. The icon turns grey and indicates that you have unliked the post, comment, or Page.

How to Unlike From the Activity Log

Facebook's Activity Log allows anyone to review every action taken on their account. You can go through the records by date or filter to specific things such as posts, liked photos and videos, and comments. Any interaction can be undone from the Activity Log.

  1. Open Facebook.

  2. Select the profile photo at the bottom of the left sidebar.

  3. Select Settings & privacy.

  4. Select Activity Log.

  5. Select Interactions to expand it.

  6. Select Likes and reactions.

  7. Go down the chronological list of liked posts. To unlike any like, select the three-dots on the right and choose Unlike.

How to Unlike Pages From the Activity Log

You have to scroll down a bit more on the Activity Log to unlike Pages. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to arrive at the Activity Log.

  1. On the Activity Log sidebar on the left, go down to Connections.

  2. Select Pages, page likes, and interests.

  3. On the right part of the screen, go to the specific Page you had liked in the past.

  4. Select the three-dot icon and choose Unlike.

  • Why can't I unlike a post on Facebook?

    Sometimes, a bug in the browser, app, or even Facebook itself may be the problem. Try clearing your browser cache, updating the app, or using another browser before you try to unlike that post again. Facebook doesn't document this, but it also may not be possible to unlike a Facebook page that's been removed.

  • What happens when you like and unlike on Facebook?

    The person whose post or comment you've liked previously doesn't get a notification if you unlike their post. The number of likes under the item will go down, and your name won't appear on the list of people who have liked it, but the original poster won't immediately know that you've withdrawn your like.

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