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How to Customize Firefox With Awesome Themes

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  • Posted on 20th Jul, 2022 18:51 PM

Customization is a major focus of Firefox. Personalize your web browser by installing custom themes.

What to Know

  • Open Firefox and select Menu (three lines) > Customize. Select Themes at the bottom of the customization window.
  • Select Get More Themes to open the Theme Library. Browse themes and select a theme category to explore.
  • To install a theme, select Install Theme under the preview. Select Themes > Manage to manage installed themes.

This article explains how to personalize Firefox by changing your Firefox theme.

How to Change Your Firefox Theme

Firefox has an entire library of themes, often called Firefox personas, that you can add to overhaul the whole look of your browser.

  1. Open Firefox, and select the three-line menu icon in the upper right side of the window.

  2. Select Customize in the menu. It has a paintbrush icon next to it.

  3. The customization tab will open. Here, you can customize a lot of the look and functionality of your browser. Drag any of the icons in the body of the window to your toolbar to make them a permanent fixture.

  4. At the bottom of the window, you'll see a couple of checkboxes that let you change the look of your Firefox window a bit. There are also three drop-down menus. Select Themes.

  5. The menu lists the three default themes at the top. Below them, Firefox suggests a few popular themes, but select Get More Themes at the bottom of the window instead.

  6. Firefox will open yet another tab containing its theme library. Across the middle of the page are links to categories to help you better locate something you'll like. The bottom portion of the page is broken into rows of featured, top-rated, and trending themes. Select the category you'd like to explore.

  7. You'll find the same three row structure on your category page. Select See more in the top right of each row to get the full list for each.  

  8. The next page contains a more complete listing of themes and will give a small preview of your theme in a basic Firefox layout. Select a theme you might want to install.

  9. On the theme's page, you'll see more information about it, including a more detailed breakdown of the theme's rating and additional themes by the same designer. To install your theme, select Install Theme under the theme preview.

  10. Firefox will automatically install and apply your theme.

  11. You can change your themes at any time, and have several installed at once. Return to the Firefox customization tab and select Themes > Manage.

  12. Here, you'll see a listing of all your installed themes. Simply select Enable next to the one you want to use. If you ever want to remove a theme, select Remove.

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