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How to Create a Meta (Oculus) Quest or Quest 2 Account

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  • Posted on 06th Sep, 2022 23:51 PM

You can make a Meta account at the Meta website using your Facebook or Instagram account, or create a separate Meta account with an email.

What to Know

  • Go to Meta's site > select the type of account you want to create > follow the prompts to make your Meta account. 
  • You can make a Meta account with an email address, Facebook, or Instagram. 
  • You can connect and disconnect a Meta account from Facebook at any time in the Account Center.

This article explains how to create an account for your Meta Quest 2 or Oculus Quest 2, with instructions for creating a Meta account both with and without an associated Facebook account. Instructions are also included for unlinking a Meta account from Facebook.

If you’re still using your Quest with an Oculus account, you can continue to do so until January 1, 2023. At that time, you will be provided with a code via your headset that you can enter into meta.com/websetup to convert to a Meta account.

How Do You Make a Meta Account?

Meta accounts can be made using an email address, with a Facebook or Instagram account, or created by separating your existing Quest profile from your Facebook account. This can be accomplished through the Meta website on both PC and mobile if you’re making a new account or separating an existing Quest profile from a Facebook account.

Users who have never used virtual reality (VR) before and don’t want to associate their Meta account with a Facebook account can create a brand new account on the Meta website using just an email address. This same procedure also works for anyone who has previously used their Quest but doesn’t want to keep using their existing VR profile.

Users who have previously set up their Quest using Facebook and want to keep games they’ve purchased need to create a Meta account using their Facebook account. If you use this method, you’ll have the choice to create an entirely separate Meta account that retains all of your previous game purchases or create a Meta account that’s tied to your Facebook account. Those who select the latter option will still be able to separate their Meta and Facebook accounts in the future via the Account Center.

If you’ve just bought a Quest and haven’t used it yet, the process of setting up your Quest will create your Meta account. Put the headset on, write down the code you see there, and enter the code into the Oculus app on your phone. You'll have the option to sign in with Facebook, Instagram, or an email address to create your Meta account.

How to Make a Meta (Oculus) Account Without Facebook

You can create a new Meta account on their website on PC or mobile using an email address, Facebook account, or Instagram account. If you have an existing Facebook account that you’ve previously used with an Oculus headset, you can also choose to make a Meta account by separating it from your Facebook account.

If you’ve already used a Facebook or Oculus account with your Quest and bought games, don’t make a Meta account with an email address. You need to make the new account using your old account to keep your games.

Here’s how to create a new Meta account using an email address:

  1. Navigate to Meta's site and select Set up an account with email.

  2. Enter your email address and select Next.

  3. Enter your name and select Next.

  4. Enter your birthday and select Next.

  5. Create a password and select Next.

  6. Verify the information you’ve entered, and select Create account.

  7. Retrieve the verification code from your email, and select Continue.

  8. Your account is now ready. You can use it to log into your Quest and the Oculus app.

How to Create a Meta (Oculus) Account With Facebook

If you've already used your Quest with your Facebook account, your VR profile and everything you've purchased on your Quest are tied to that Facebook account. In that case, you'll need to create your Meta account from your Facebook account. During this process, you'll have the opportunity to separate the new Meta account from your Facebook account or keep them linked. You can also link and unlink these accounts later through Facebook's Account Center.

Here’s how to create a Meta account with your Facebook account:

  1. Navigate to Meta's site and select Continue with Facebook.

  2. Select Continue as (your name).

    You’ll have to log in first if you aren’t already logged into Facebook on this device.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Click Continue.

    If you own any Quest devices that haven’t received the Meta update, you’ll see a warning. Make sure to update your Quests before you proceed.

  5. Click Set up with Facebook.

    If you prefer to create a Meta account that isn’t tied to your Facebook account, but retains access to all your games, click Continue without Facebook instead and follow the on-screen prompts.

  6. Select Continue.

  7. Select Finish account setup.

  8. Select Next.

  9. Enter a name to use for your Horizons profile, and select Next.

  10. Select Next.

  11. Choose a privacy level, and select Review.

  12. Review your choices, and select Accept and Continue.

  13. Select Next.

    If you want to add a link to your Facebook account to your Horizon profile, click or tap the toggle.

  14. Select Finish.

  15. Your Meta account is now set up and connected to your Facebook account.

How to Connect Your Quest to Your New Meta Account

After you’ve successfully created your Meta account, you’ll need to connect your Quest to your new account. This is accomplished through the Meta website, and you can do it on either PC or mobile. Here’s how to finish the process:

  1. Put on your headset, and make note of the code.

  2. Navigate to Meta's device page, enter your code, and select Connect your device.

  3. Wait until you see the device connected message.

  4. Your Quest will restart, and then you’ll be able to use it with your new Meta account.

How to Separate a Meta Account From Facebook

If you owned a Quest prior to the introduction of Meta accounts, then your Facebook account is tied to any games you bought on Quest, your VR profile, your headset, and the Oculus app. You can leave it that way if you want, or you can separate your Meta account so that the two are no longer linked. The Meta account will inherit all of your Quest purchases, and from that point on you'll use it to log into your Quest.

Meta accounts can be connected and disconnected from Facebook accounts freely the same way you can link and unlink Instagram from Facebook.

Here’s how to disconnect your Meta account from your Facebook account:

  1. Navigate to Meta's account center's profile page, and select Accounts.

  2. Locate your Meta account and select Remove.

  3. Select Continue.

  4. Select Remove (your name).

  5. Your Meta account will be removed from your Facebook account.

  • How do I switch admin accounts on my Oculus Quest 2?

    The only way to change the admin account is to reset your Quest 2 to factory settings. Then, set up your system with the other account.

  • Can my Quest 2 have multiple accounts?

    Yes. You can add up to three additional accounts to an Oculus Quest 2. Use the original admin account to set up multiple accounts on your Quest 2.

  • How do I delete an account on my Oculus Quest 2?

    To remove an account, go to Settings > Accounts and choose Remove next to the account. The admin account cannot be removed.

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