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How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to a PC

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  • Posted on 18th Aug, 2022 00:51 AM

Connect your Switch Pro Controller to a PC with a USB-C cable or via Bluetooth to play Steam games wirelessly. Non-Steam games require an adapter.

What to Know

  • Plug the controller into a USB port on your PC to play Steam games. Connect via Bluetooth to play wirelessly.
  • To customize or calibrate your controller, go to Steam > Settings > Controllers > General Controller Settings.
  • For non-Steam games, use an adapter like the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter or a software wrapper.

This article explains how to connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to a PC. The instructions apply to games for Steam and non-Steam games on Windows.

How to Connect a Switch Pro Controller to a PC

Steam supports the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, so if you plug the controller into one of the USB ports on your computer, any Steam game should recognize it immediately. Use the cable that came with your Switch controller or any USB-C cable.


To use the Switch Pro Controller wirelessly, connect it to Windows via Bluetooth:

  1. Select Start in the Windows system tray, then select Settings.

  2. Select Bluetooth & devices.

    In older versions of Windows, go to Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

  3. Turn on Bluetooth if it's not already enabled, then select Add device.

  4. Select Bluetooth.

  5. Press and hold down the Sync button on top of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller until the lights on the front start flashing.

  6. Select the Pro Controller in the list of available devices to connect via Bluetooth.

How to Set Up a Switch Pro Controller on Steam

Once you've connected your Switch Pro Controller to your PC, you can start playing right away. However, for best results, you should customize and calibrate your controller in the Steam settings.

  1. Open the Steam Client and go to Steam > Settings.

  2. In the Steam settings, select Controller, then select General Controller Settings.

  3. Select Switch Pro Configuration Support.

  4. Optionally, choose Use Nintendo Button Layout to change the button mapping. Steam will recognize the Switch controller as an Xbox controller, so the default button mapping will be different from the letters on the controller.

  5. Under Detected Controllers, choose Xbox 360 Controller. Select Calibrate to calibrate the joystick or select Preferences for more options.

  6. Give the controller a name, set the rumble feature on or off, then select Submit to confirm.

Why Isn't My Switch Pro Controller Working With Steam?

The Switch controller works best when you play games in Big Picture Mode directly through Steam. The controls may not work properly if you launch a game from your desktop. To open Big Picture Mode, select the Big Picture icon in the upper-right corner of Steam.

How to Use a Switch Pro Controller With Non-Steam Games

The Switch Pro Controller isn't compatible with non-Steam games, so you need an adapter. For example, the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter lets you connect Nintendo Switch and Wii U controllers to your Windows PC. The exact steps depend on which type of adapter you use. Once connected, your computer will recognize the Switch controller as an Xbox controller.


A more complicated but less expensive alternative is to use a software wrapper like the TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator. These types of programs translate inputs from your Switch controller into Xbox inputs that Windows can understand. This method requires a lot of manual setup, and it isn't always guaranteed to work with the Switch Pro Controller, so it's only recommended for advanced users.

Can I Connect Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to My PC?

It's also possible to use Switch Joy-Con controllers on a PC by connecting them via Bluetooth. Each Joy-Con must be synced separately, so you can't use both Joy-Cons together as one controller like you can on the Switch, and the motion sensor functionality will not work on your PC.

You can even connect your Switch to your PC with an HDMI capture card.

  • How do I turn off a Nintendo Switch controller?

    To turn off a Nintendo Switch controller, put your Switch into sleep mode or go to Controllers > Change Grip/Order. On a PC, unplug the Switch controller or disconnect it from Bluetooth.

  • Why is my Nintendo Pro Controller blinking?

    If the LED lights on the Switch Pro Controller keep flashing, it can't connect to your device. Move closer and make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

  • How do I connect a PS4 or Xbox Controller to my Switch?

    You can use an adapter to connect a PS4 or Xbox Controller to your Switch. Go to Settings > Controllers and Sensors and turn on Pro Controller Wired Communication, then pair your devices.

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