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Amazon Unveils New Echo Show 15 Smart Display

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  • Posted on 29th Jul, 2022 14:21 PM

The new Echo Show 15 Smart Display can act as a digital photo frame, a TV, or an AI overlord that knows what you look like.

Amazon's new Echo Show 15 smart display offers a larger screen, new customizable widgets, and can remember your face.

The Echo Show 15, due out later this year, looks to stand above the previously released Echo Show 10, starting with an improved screen. The Echo Show 15 sports a 15.6-inch display that can support up to 1080p video streaming, which you can, of course, use to watch things on various streaming services. Or you can ask Alexa to show the Photo Frame and use it as a very large digital slide-show for preloaded photos.


The new smart display also takes advantage of some new widgets. You'll be able to view and use a shared calendar, make and leave digital sticky notes, and use picture-in-picture.

You also can prop the Echo Show 15 up in a stand, in either portrait or landscape mode, or mount it directly to a wall for a more permanent solution. It won't track your movements and follow you like previous Echo Show releases, but it features AI that can recognize you when you walk into the frame.

Once it sees you, the Echo Show 15 will adjust its display to show your preferences, such as your calendar or notes.

According to Amazon, this feature, dubbed "visual ID," is opt-in so you can enable or disable it whenever you want. It also claims that the information is all stored on the device, itself, and that you can delete your profile at any time.

The Echo Show 15 will be releasing later this year for $249.99, but no specific dates have been announced. There also has not been any news on when preorders will open, so if you're interested you'll just have to keep an eye on Amazon for the time being.

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